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Core Gifts

LOGO-Core-Gift-Training The Core Gift discovery process helps youth and adults identify the most important contributions they can make to his/her community.  Gifts can be used to help a person in several ways.  They can decide on a vocational path that is meaningful to them and relies on their primary strength. They can decide on learning interests in school and other community places. They can increase self -esteem, and be more motivated to re-engage in life.  Gifts can be used to help welcome a person into a group by helping others see what they have to contribute rather than a perceived stigma.

The Council is working with a consultant, Bruce Anderson – Community Activators to train facilitators who will work with youth and young adults to identify their core gifts and talents and create a strong link to identified gifts in transition plans.

Current Projects & Activities

  • Orientation and Competency Training of Master Facilitators
    Training provided to transition teachers, Dept. of Labor Disability Coordinators, parents and others in the use of the interview process, the use of related tools to help the person learn how to give their gift, and the use of identified core gifts in the plans and transition activities of youth/young adults with I/DD. Facilitators are also provided on-going technical assistance.
  • Idaho story booklet of Core Gift process outcomes
    Facilitators and focus people are being interviewed to create a booklet describing individual outcomes from participation in the Core Gift process.

Related Five-year Plan Goals & Objectives

Goal 2:  Youth and young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities transition from school into an adult life that includes competitive integrated employment, community engagement, and full citizenship.

Objective 2.1
  • Each year of the plan, provide/support education and training for families, teachers, and other team members, to increase the number of youth/young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who experience a gift-focused and strength-based assessment and planning process.
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