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Council Meetings Video

Meetings Video

Council Meetings are a great time to get together with Council Members and network but they also play an important role in moving forward Council Business.

The Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities Hold four Council Meetings each year following the Federal calendar year. Each meeting has specific topics to discuss. Let’s walk through the topics for each meeting.

In the Fall Council Meeting there will be training on current policy issues, and the legislative process. You will select legislative priorities for the coming legislative session, discuss Council member assignments for preparing for the legislative session and you will get a yearend report on progress on work activities.

In the Winter Council Meeting you will prepare for legislative visits, meet with legislators to discuss the legislative agenda, and Complete Executive Director Evaluation. Council staff will announce and request you help recruit new Council members

In the Spring Council Meeting you will receive training on a topic related to the Council Goals, elect Council Chair, review legislative session outcomes, review the outcome of the Executive Director Evaluation, and vote for the final step of the evaluation process for the Council as a whole.

In the Summer Council Meeting you will welcome the new members, elect a new Vice-Chair, Review and approve the proposed draft annual plan and draft budget for coming Federal Fiscal Year, and receive training on a topic related to the Council Goals.

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