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The Council is governed by two officers, who must be either self-advocates, parents, or guardians. This is explained in the elections orientation information as well.  Let’s go through the Chairperson and the roles and responsibilities they have first.  The Chairperson is:

  • Elected at the spring meeting
  • They are Appointed by the Governor (following the election by membership of the Council)
  • They Serve a one-year term; and they may serve more than one term
  • They do Preside at all Council meetings and
  • They May be a representative to the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities ((NACDD) is the acronym.))

Now let’s go to the roles and responsibilities part of their position:

When it comes to Council Membership, they engage council members to show a commitment to the Council’s mission, convey responsibility, pride, and value in the work of the Council, celebrate the hard work and achievements that the council members do individually and as a whole, and they promote outstanding Council member development and governance practices.

As far as organization goes, a chair should show an understanding of and passion for the mission, values, and work of the Council, they should uphold legal and ethical standards of conduct, ensure that council members, staff, the executive director, and themselves as the council chair speaks with one voice in the community, and last, but not least… they should support transparency, compliance, and accountability for the Council’s operations.

A huge responsibility of the chair is to facilitate and foster engagement through peer relationships. Strong relationships and partnerships show mutual respect and trust, good communication, and a mission-driven shared purpose.

Meetings are a very busy time for the Chair. A Chair is responsible for reporting quarterly with a written and verbal report for the consent agenda, and facilitating the council meetings responsibly and seriously. They need to be trained, either formally or informally and they need to prepare well in advance to ensure meetings run smoothly.

Vice Chair

As far as the Vice-Chair position goes, they are elected at the summer meeting. They serve a one-year term though they may serve more than one term, they reside over the Council in the Chairs absence, and the the Vice-Chair works with the Chair and Executive Director to support the membership of the Council. Some of the roles and responsibilities I have taken part in are assisting and providing input to the quarterly Council agendas, assisting the Chair in the Council meetings, and I meet with the Chair on a regular basis. On a personal not, I started creating a Vice-Chair report that is to be added to the Consent Agenda.

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