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Medicaid Expansion Talking Points

These talking points can help when crafting messages or preparing for conversations with lawmakers. Remember to lead with values that connect to your audience, elevate Medicaid as a positive program, and foster a sense of community by talking about “us” and “we”.

  • Medicaid provides comprehensive health coverage so people can go to the doctor and fill their prescriptions.
  • Medicaid ensures Idahoans can receive medical care when they need it instead of waiting until it becomes an emergency.
  • Medicaid expansion is covering the workers who would be uninsured otherwise – food service workers, grocery store cashiers, people who might not get insurance through their job.
  • For families struggling financially, Medicaid makes the difference, so they don’t have to choose between paying rent or going to the doctor. Medicaid provides financial protection from medical debt and bankruptcy.
  • There is more uncertainty than ever before about the ability to afford coverage. With Medicaid expansion, Idahoans with low incomes who do not have access to employer health insurance, or through Idaho’s health insurance exchange, can now have health coverage.

Sharing Your Story

  • Don’t get caught up in details, instead show the impact:
    • How has Medicaid made a difference in your life?
      • Go to the doctor to get important preventative care
      • Get prescriptions filled
    • What does Medicaid make possible?
      • Being healthy enough to go to work and provide for your family
      • Play with your kids without being in pain
      • Mental health treatment to better manage stress
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