Collaborative Work Group on Adult Developmental Disability Services

The Collaborative Work Group (CWG) on Adult DD Services is a group of individuals representing a range of people with developmental disabilities, service providers, advocates, agencies and policymakers that have come together to discuss and advise the State of Idaho regarding the service system for adults with developmental disabilities in Idaho and any changes that may be made to the system. It is important that any changes to Medicaid-reimbursed services recognize the impact that those changes will have on other services, supports, systems and lives.

The workgroup has an eight member steering committee that meets monthly to make recommendations to improve the service system. The steering committee members present their work quarterly to the full membership of the Collaborative Workgroup for feedback and approval. While the bulk of focus has been on services provided to adults through the Medicaid program, the Collaborative Workgroup consistently reviews how other service systems, such as employment, housing, and transportation must also be a part of discussions to accomplish the improvement we hope to see across all services that support adults with developmental disabilities to live meaningfully included and productive lives.

Collaborative Work Group Annual Report 2015
Collaborative Work Group Legislative Presentation
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The Collaborative Work Group will be guided by the following values:

Respect    Safety    Choice    Quality    Community Inclusion

The Collaborative Work Group is coordinated by the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities. It is led by a Steering Committee of 8 individuals. There are also various subcommittees that will be working on specific issues.

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