The Idaho Inclusive Education Network is a collaborative project sponsored by the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities and partners. The project is working on ways to support schools and teachers to include all students, especially those with disabilities.


Inclusion is so natural it goes unnoticed; all students work together to learn and develop.


Working with stakeholders and partners, develop a comprehensive plan to change teacher certification that blends general education and special education with balanced preparation of evidenced-based practices that support inclusive education for all students.  Additionally, develop plans to provide technical assistance and professional development to schools to implement evidence-based inclusive practices in schools.


Utilizing and building upon current the integrated certification from Early Intervention programs across the state, the Inclusive Education Network is in the initial stages of collecting and understanding a range of information about the history, other states’ experience, existing certificate and process, and also answering key questions to frame the work to make the objectives possible.  Information gathering and notification of key stakeholders continues at this time.  Impassioned individuals who feel strongly about participating in the development of an integrated education certification are encouraged to contact Council staff.

Click HERE to read the Inclusive Education Summit Final Report

Task Force Members

  • Julie Fodor, Executive Director, Center on Disability and Human Development, University of Idaho
  • Dean Cloward, BYU Idaho
  • Michelle Doty, Education Dept., Lewis-Clark State College
  • Angela Lindig, Executive Director, Idaho Parents Unlimited
  • Karren Streagle, Idaho State University
  • Charmaine Thaner, Parent, Meridian
  • Denise Wetzel, Parent, Moscow
  • Toni Belknap-Brinegar, Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Jeff Pulsipher, Dept. of Ed, BYU Idaho
  • Michael Humphry, Dept. of Ed, Boise State University
  • Lisa Beymer, Dept. of Ed, Boise State University
  • Renee Miner, Center for School Improvement, Boise State University
  • Sonja Ruble, Consulting Teacher, Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind
  • Taylor Raney, Dept. of Ed, University of Idaho
  • Susan Puga, SpEd Teacher Nampa School District
  • Jill Matthews, FACE Coordinator, State Dept. of Education
  • Lisa Colon, Director of Standards, State Dept. of Education
  • Alex Hollingshead, Dept. of Ed., University of Idaho
  • Barb Dickens, GenEd Teacher, Caldwell School District
  • Melissa Blood, SpEd Teacher, Caldwell School District


BSU Public Service Announcement Award Winners:  Kelly Beserril, Anastasia Wunderlich and Jacoby Sneddon.  Many thanks to Lisa Beymer, professor at Boise State, and all of the graduate students who participated.

Why Inclusion?:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4hvRzfC7O0&feature=youtu.be

Upcoming Events

Next meeting: February 17th 9am — 4pm Joe R. Williams Building West Conference Room

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