The Council on Developmental Disabilities thanks Dacota Ratcliffe and the Voice II Transition Program in Blaine County for filming and submitting this video for the Inclusive Video Challenge.  The Voice II students and staff members do an excellent job of working diligently in their home community to expand life experiences so students are well known to their neighbors and are accepted as valuable members in their home communities.

Watch this inspiring video about Speaking Up For Yourself!

"Moving On" Idaho Transition Binder

"Moving On" is a tool for students and families to plan and get organized as students prepare to leave high school and move into the adult world. Each student adds his/her own information to the binder under section headings so they have all their information in one place.

Students can use the binder for transition planning, preparing for and applying to college, working with employers to get a job, working with agencies like Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid, Department of Health and Welfare or service provider agencies.

Sections include:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Keeping Records
  • New Transition Timelines
  • New Graduation Guidance
  • Employment/Career
  • Postsecondary Education/Training
  • School/Community Participation
  • Independent Living
  • Adult Services

The binder also has a resource directory with many state and national contacts and can be individualized for your local are.

Link to binder contents on Idaho Training Clearinghouse

Graduation Planning Guidance

This guide is a must-have for IEP teams to help with graduation planning. The guide covers regular graduation requirements, alternate graduation mechanism/plan specific, and graduation criteria established by the IEP team for a student with an IEP. Download "Graduation Planning Guidance."


Going to College

Information about living college life with a disability. Video clips, activities and additional resources that can help you get a head start in planning for college.

Think College!

Learn about college options for people with intellectual disabilities.




The Idaho Training Clearinghouse

Scheduled webinars and trainings related to special education, early childhood, assistive technology, transistion, and parents and school success

Annual Tools for Life:
Secondary Transition and Assistive Technology Fair

Two-day event with presentations by regional and national experts on issues surrounding secondary transition and assistive technology.

Next Fair Pocatello March 6 — 7, 2017.

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