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Person-Centered Planning and Practice

As Idaho moves toward a more participant-directed service system for people with developmental and other disabilities, person-centered planning (PCP) and practice increases in importance and value. The desired outcome for this Council project is to provide access to person-centered planning for adults with disabilities and families of children with disabilities that 1) allows them to have maximum flexibility and control of their services and supports, 2) recognizes the importance of natural supports, and 3) embeds person-centered planning in state regulations and policies.  The model developed as part of this project will adhere to best practice guidelines and will include desired characteristics identified by adults with I/DD and family members, along with requirements and quality indicators that will drive the development of a PCP model, system infrastructure and related policy.

Current Projects & Activites

  • The Council and Community NOW! partners and stakeholders will establish a Person-Centered Planning system in Idaho. The Council is supporting two working groups to focus on the development of a PCP model and implementation plan.
    • Advocate Advisory Committee is made up of individuals with I/DD and family members and provides guidance on the work products of Community NOW and makes quality assurance recommendations.
    • PCP Implementation Workgroup includes additional stakeholders including IDHW staff, service providers, and others. This group does the detailed work of outlining a PCP model for Idaho and works on developing a plan for related system infrastructure and policy.
  • Core Gift Discovery is a promising practice to help an individual identify the most important contribution they can make to their community. Gifts can be used to help a person decide on a vocational path that is meaningful to them, increase self-esteem, and be welcomed into a group.
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