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Person Centered Planning

person centered logo graphic As Idaho moves toward a more participant-directed service system for people with developmental and other disabilities, person-centered planning (PCP) increases in importance and value.  Various models and curricula have been used sporadically in Idaho but currently person-centered planning is not offered consistently. A lack of time available for person-centered planning and a lack of trained facilitators who also understand the importance of informal, as well as formal, networks have been identified as two barriers to the consistent use of person-centered planning.

The desired outcome for this Council project is to provide access to person-centered planning for adults with disabilities and families of children with disabilities that 1) allows them to have maximum flexibility and control of their services and supports, 2) recognizes the importance of natural supports, and 3) embeds person-centered planning in state regulations and policies.

The model developed as part of this project will adhere to best practice guidelines and should include desired characteristics identified by adults with DD and family members.

Current Projects & Activites

  • The Council and Community NOW! partners and stakeholders will establish a Person Centered Planning system in Idaho. Creating a PCP process based on best practice is the first of seventeen recommendations brought forward in a final report from the Community NOW! initiative in 2017.  Working with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the Council is supporting two working groups to focus on the development of a PCP model and implementation plan.
    • Advocate Advisory Committee is made up of individuals with I/DD and family members and is providing guidance on the work products of Community NOW work and makes quality assurance recommendations. The group reviews of materials and infrastructure developed by all the Implementation Workgroups to ensure alignment with quality indicators and recommendations of Community NOW.
    • PCP Implementation Workgroup includes additional stakeholders including IDHW staff, ACLU staff, staff from the Attorney General’s office, and service providers. This group will do the detailed work of outlining a PCP model for Idaho and work on developing a plan for related system infrastructure and policy.

The first task of the two groups is to finalize a list of requirements and quality indicators for person-centered planning that will drive the development of a PCP model, system infrastructure and related policy.

Publications Related to Goals & Objectives

Lead Staff:
Tracy Warren

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Related Five-year Plan Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: Adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities experience improved quality in Home and Community Based Services.

Objective 1.2

  • Working with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, service providers, individuals with disabilities and families, develop and implement a plan for organizational change and support staff development in person-centered practices by September 2021.

Objective 1.3

  • Work with individuals with disabilities, their families, and other partners on systems change and policy development so that people with intellectual/developmental disabilities have access to Medicaid person-centered planning (PCP) services provided by trained, qualified PCP specialists by July 2021.
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