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Approved Council Meeting Minutes

Spring Quarterly Council Meeting

Thursday, April 28, 2022, 9:15 am – 3:45 pm Mountain Time – Zoom video teleconference

(Actual scheduled meeting time 4.5 hours)

Council Members Present

  • Sylvia Arnold (3 hours)
  • Ian Bott
  • Janice Carson
  • Michael Case
  • Jenna Garrett (3.8 hours)
  • Deedra Hunt
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Mike MacGuffie
  • Marilu Moreno
  • Natali Pellens
  • Emily Petersen
  • Danielle Reff – DR
  • Michael Sandvig (35 minutes)
  • Carly Saxe
  • Adrienne Seamans
  • Karren Streagle (3 hours)
  • La Donna Tuinstra
  • Stephanie Walters
  • Nicholas Wyatt
  • Edgar Zuniga

Members Absent

  • Amy Cunningham

Members Absent After Lunch

  • Sylvia Arnold
  • Michael Sandvig
  • Karren Streagle

Staff Present

  • Marieke Edwards
  • Trisha Hammond
  • Christine Pisani
  • Miguel Juarez
  • Richelle Tierney
  • Jill Smith


  • Andy Snook, DD Council Deputy Attorney General
  • Stephanie Perry, Project Manager, DHW
  • Diane Stephens, DHW
  • Blake Brumfield, Program Manager, DD Crisis Prevention and Court Services
  • Magnum Forkner, DD Council Financial Analyst
  • Kathryn Durrant, DisAbility Rights Idaho
  • Holly Molino (Jillian), Developmental Disability Service Provider


Welcome, Introductions, Ground Rules, and Perfection of Agenda

Emily Petersen, Council Chair, called the meeting to order at: 9:19 AM.

Guests were welcomed.

One of the applicants for Chair could not be available at 3:30pm and requested we combine the Election with the Announcement at 11am.

ACTION: Amended Agenda

  • DR Reff moved to accept this proposed amended agenda.
  • Jennifer Johnson seconded.
  • Motion passed.

Marieke Edwards will provide guest guidelines in the chat to guests as they arrive.

DR Reff reviewed the meeting ground rules.

Guest: Andy Snook

In the past, the Council was assigned a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) that also represented the Department of Health and Welfare. Due to potential conflicts of interest, the Council requested legal representation directly from the Attorney General’s Office. Andy Snook has been assigned as our main point of contact for legal representation. Andy introduced himself to the Council.


How are we alike? Council Members, staff and visitors worked in groups to find three things in common.  Council Members shared their experiences with the whole membership.

Consent Agenda

  1. Draft Meeting Minutes: January 27-28, 2022
  2. Draft Meeting Minutes: February 18, 2022
  3. Executive Director Report Provided in Pre-Recorded Video
  4. Chair Report
  5. Vice-Chair Report

ACTION: Consent Agenda

  • DR Reff moved to approve the items in the Consent Agenda as presented.
  • Ian Bott seconded.
  • Motion passed.

Chair Election

DR Reff, Jennifer Johnson, and Natali Pellens applied for Council Chair and provided speeches to the Council to support their nomination.

Financial Report

Trisha Hammond presented the financial report through March 2022 and reviewed expenses from this past quarter.

ACTION: Financial Report

  • Jennifer Johnson moved to approve the financial report as presented.
  • Nicholas Wyatt seconded.
  • Motion passed.

Closed Executive Session: Personnel Discussion

ACTION: Closed Session

  • Ian Bott motioned to move to have a closed executive session to discuss a personnel issue.
  • Mike MacGuffie seconded.
  • Motion passed.

ACTION: Open Session

  • Jennifer Johnson motioned to move back to an Open Public Meeting.
  • Nicholas Wyatt seconded.
  • Motion passed.

ACTION: Personnel Discussion

  • Natali Pellens moved to give the Executive Director an exemplary rating.
  • Sylvia Arnold seconded.
  • Motion passed.

Presentation: Crisis System Improvement Project

Blake Brumfield, Stephanie Perry and Diane Stephens from the Department of Health and Welfare presented on the crisis improvement plan to better support adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities who also have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis that exceed the abilities of current community-based services to support.  The power point presentation is attached.

Presentation: 2022 Legislative Report

Richelle Tierney, ICDD Policy Analyst, provided a summary of 2022 Council legislative activities.  The 2022 Legislative Report will be on the ICDD website and shared on the ICDD Facebook page.  All Council Members will receive a print copy as well.

Council Member Appreciation

La Donna Tuinstra is ending her Council member term as she did not reapply for a second term.  La Donna was recognized for her contributions and members and staff wished her well and stay in touch.

Emily Petersen is ending her term as the Chair of the Council.  However, she reapplied for her third term for Council membership. Emily’s dedication, passion, and leadership as Chair over the last two years has been appreciated.

Member Recruitment Update & Membership Orientation

The Ad-Hoc Membership Committee consists of DR Reff, Nicholas Wyatt, and Jennifer Johnson.  The committee is supported by staff: Christine Pisani and Trisha Hammond. The Committee interviewed four parents for the family member representative, two individuals for the non-profit position, and one advocate in mid-March. The Committee submitted all applications to the Governor’s Office. Council staff has requested confirmation of membership by June 1, 2022. The Governor’s office has stated that they have all the information they need.

Friday, April 29, 2022
9:15 am-3:15 pm Mountain Time – Zoom video teleconference

(Actual scheduled meeting time 4.25 hours)

Council Members Present

  • Sylvia Arnold (3.4 hours)
  • Ian Bott (4 hours)
  • Janice Carson (.5 hours)
  • Michael Case (2 hours)
  • Jenna Garrett
  • Deedra Hunt (1.4 hours)
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Michael MacGuffie
  • Marilu Moreno (3.8 hours)
  • Natali Pellens
  • Emily Petersen
  • Danielle Reff – DR
  • Michael Sandvig (18 minutes)
  • Carly Saxe
  • Adrienne Seamans
  • Karren Streagle (1.7 hours)
  • La Donna Tuinstra
  • Stephanie Walters
  • Nicholas Wyatt
  • Edgar Zuniga

Members Absent

  • Amy Cunningham

Staff Present

  • Marieke Edwards
  • Trisha Hammond
  • Christine Pisani
  • Miguel Juarez
  • Richelle Tierney
  • Jill Smith


  • Andy Snook, DD Council Deputy Attorney General
  • Roger Sherman, Executive Director, Idaho Children’s Trust Fund


  • Kathryn Durrant, DisAbility Rights Idaho


Welcome, Ground Rules, and Perfection of AgendaEmily Petersen, Council Chair, began the meeting at 9:16 am.

Guests were welcomed, guest guidelines were reviewed, and DR Reff read the meeting ground rules.

Announcement of New Chair

Andy Snook, the Council’s Deputy Attorney General, updated the Council regarding open public meeting voting processes.  He shared the process the Council should use to meet the requirements of a transparent voting process.  Moving forward all officer election votes will be made verbally by each member in Council Meetings.  The Council Members running for Council Chair are: DR Reff (DR), Natali Pellens (Natali), and Jennifer Johnson (Jen.)

ACTION: Chair Votes

  • Sylvia Arnold voted for DR
  • Ian Bott voted for Natali
  • Janice Carson voted for Natali
  • Michael Case voted for Natali
  • Jenna Garrett voted for DR
  • Deedra Hunt voted for Jen
  • Jennifer Johnson voted for Jen
  • Mike MacGuffie voted for DR
  • Marilu Moreno voted for Natali
  • Natali Pellens voted for Natali
  • Danielle Reff “DR” voted for DR
  • Michael Sandvig voted for DR
  • Carly Saxe voted for Natali
  • Adrienne Seamans voted for Natali
  • Karren Streagle voted for DR
  • La Donna Tuinstra voted for DR
  • Stephanie Walters voted for DR
  • Nick Wyatt voted for Jen
  • Edgar Zuniga was not present
  • Amy Cunningham was not present
  • Emily Petersen, Council Chair only votes in the event of a tie

Christine Pisani, Executive Director, announced DR Reff would be serving as the Council’s newly elected Chair. 

Presentation: Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma Informed Care

Roger Sherman, Executive Director of the Children’s Trust Fund presented information to members about the adverse childhood experiences (ACES).  The presentation is attached.

Presentation: Quarterly Progress Report

Marieke Edwards, Research Analyst, facilitated updates from all staff about their work this past quarter.

Announcement: NACDD Conference

Council Members are encouraged to submit application to be considered for sponsorship to attend the annual NACDD conference being held July 18-22 in Washington DC.  Contact Council staff for assistance with the application due Friday, May 6, 2022.  Council Members who attend the conference are expected to provide a brief report on their activities at the July 28-29, 2022, Council meeting.

Update: Plan for July 28-29 Council Meeting

The July Council meeting will be held in person with no virtual option.  New member orientation will take place on July 27 and all Council Members are invited to attend.  Input on activities during this meeting was requested from Council Members including:

  • Opportunities for a Council photo – this is the first opportunity to do this in person
  • Interest in a tour of the Southwest Idaho Treatment Center (SWITC) campus – may have to do in small groups versus as a whole council
  • Interest in a tour of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial – possible site for photo as well

Announcement: Vice Chair Election Opportunity

Nomination for Vice-Chair applications will be accepted up until July 27, 2022.  Applications should be submitted to Trisha Hammond.  Council Members may nominate others; however, please talk to the person first and get their permission for nominating them.

ACTION: Proposal for Council Member Leadership Development

Christine Pisani, Executive Director, presented a proposal for an in-person leadership development opportunity for Council Members Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23 in Boise.  The purpose of this meeting is to assist members with the development of their personal stories. Time will be spent learning how the power of their personal story can be used to educate policy makers about proposed public policy.

  • Nicholas Wyatt motioned to move forward with a leadership development event for Council Members.
  • Mike MacGuffie seconded.
  • Motion passed.

Member Reports

Membership reports were provided by Carly Saxe, La Donna Tuinstra, Edgar Zuniga, Emily Pellens, and Adrienne Seamans.

ACTION: Adjourn Meeting

  • La Donna Tuinstra moved to adjourn the meeting.
  • Edgar Zuniga seconded.
  • Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:52 pm.
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