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Council Meeting Guest Responsibilities

The responsibility of guests (non-members and the public):

  • Must obey meeting ground rules.
  • Do not deliberate or vote.
  • Act with respect.

Must obey meeting ground rules

Guests are welcome to attend ICDD Council meetings. As a guest there are certain rules that must be followed. Guests will listen during presentations and Council deliberations. If there is time on the agenda the Chair or Co-chair may ask Guests if they have any comments or input. All comments should be addressed to the Chair.

Guests are also expected to follow ICDD meeting ground rules.

  • Everyone participates
  • Listen – seek to understand
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Be issues / solutions oriented
  • Be honest and respectful
  • Be prepared; do your homework
  • No interruptions, side conversations,
    personal attacks
  • Turn off cell phones, no texting
  • Honor time limits
  • Do not speak too long or too often

Do not deliberate or vote

ICDD will seek input from non-members and the public through public comment periods. Unless a guest is asked to speak, provide their opinion, or answer a question during the Council meeting, they should remain quiet so that the Council can deliberate and hold their meeting without disturbance. Guests are not allowed to vote on issues deliberated during Council meetings.

Act with Respect

Guest should respect ICDD and its members, abide by their rules and address the Council with the respect they deserve for the commitment they are making in serving. Guests should expect that the Council will listen to your comments, pay attention to your proposals, and take action steps or advise you on how to take action to get your ideas implemented if appropriate. If you have an issue that you would like the Council to consider you will need to make a request to be added to the agenda. To request time on a Council meeting agenda please contact the Council Chair and the Executive Director four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

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